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Good communication is really important to us, and will help ensure our clients get the most from our service. So we have worked out a few ways to help make sure that happens. Click the links below to download our cleaning checklists, a sample cleaning agreement or contract, and to give us feedback 🙂 And scroll down to find a list of cleaning products we recommend you have too.

Cleaning checklist:

This is a check sheet for you to let us know your priorities and for your cleaner to let you know which jobs have been completed. You can download and print it or if you’d like us to leave you some paper copies just ask.

fussy cow cleaning checklist

Service agreement:

(Download coming soon!)

This sets out the details of the service you require and we will provide. It also sets out our standards and a few details of services we do/don’t provide, cancelling a clean and more.

Cleaning contract:

(Download coming soon!)

A formal contract that provides clarity and assurances for clients and cleaners.

To leave us feedback please fill in the form below and hit ‘submit’-

Cleaning products and equipment:

We can only clean really effectively with good products to hand. These don’t have to be harsh chemicals (ask us about low/no chemical and eco cleaning if you’re interested) but they do have to be suitable for the job!

As a miminum we need:

  • multi-surface or room specific spray cleaners
  • liquid cleaner for floors and surfaces
  • limescale remover
  • vacuum cleaner and clean bags if neccesary
  • toilet cleaner (not bleach please) and a toilet brush in each room

Things that can be useful or nice:

  • polish for furniture/surfaces
  • air freshner
  • an antibacterial spray or liquid for extra hygiene
  • a supply of bin bags if you’d like them changed
  • specialist cleaners for specific surfaces (eg stones or stainless steel)
  • plug hole unblocking liquid (especially for houses with long haired occupants!)

If you’d like recommendations for specific produts just ask 🙂

And if you’d prefer us to provide all the cleaning products we can do that, there is a £2.50 per hour surcharge to cover costs.

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