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Well actually right now it’s about me, so far Fussy Cow is a herd of one. You can guess where I got the Fussy Cow name from 😉 Thanks husband 😆

I learned to clean age 10, when I was packed off to boarding school. Every pupil had a cleaning job to do, every morning after breakfast. So I’ve been sweeping, mopping, scrubbing toilets for quite a few years now… Sadly I haven’t managed to get my kids to do daily chores and I’m not prepared to send them to boarding school!

I’m mum to a bunch of messy kids, based near King’s Lynn. I love a clean and tidy house (but rarely have one) and total understand how difficult it can be to keep your place spick and span. Let me help you in that quest!

I like a chat and a laugh, drink an awful lot of builders tea (not in my clients houses unless invited!), am a member of our school’s PTA and the local Speedwatch team. I love be busy and rarely sit still. Eventually I hope Fussy Cow will have a whole herd of cleaners… from little acorns grow great oaks 🙂

If you’d like more info about our services and the practical stuff you can find that on our FAQ page, right here: FAQ’s

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